Aesthetic problems resulting from decayed teeth, gingival diseases, abnormal discoloration, and tooth loss can negatively affect people’s social lives. In addition, it can cause self- confidence deficiencies and cause people to start to refrain from laughing in public. In this case, smile design has a critical relevance. A “smile design dentistry” can be described as the process of giving a natural and beautiful appearance to the teeth and gums that have deteriorated aesthetically for various reasons, taking into account the face shapes and needs of the patients. Smile design is realized by applying many processes together. In this article, we will share with you all you need to know about the subject.

smile design dentistry

What is smile design dentistry?    

Each patient’s aesthetic needs are different. Therefore, the procedures to be applied are
determined individually. When choosing these procedures, factors such as the patient’s facial
features, gender, age, and expectations should be considered. Paying attention to these criteria
during the smile design process is necessary.

Firstly, existing decayed teeth and gum diseases are treated, and tooth-cleaning procedures are
applied. Afterward, processes are determined according to the needs of the patient. These
operations are as follows:

● Gingivectomy
● Teeth whitening methods
● Compensation of tooth deficiencies with implant and prosthesis applications
● Porcelain laminates and veneers
● Zirconium veneers
● Orthodontic treatments

How does smile design dentistry work?    

Understanding the patient’s aesthetic expectations and determining their needs are essential in
smile design. Problems are selected on the models prepared with the measurements taken
from the patient’s mouth. Then the plans are made.

Measurements are made with the patient’s oral and facial photographs using special programs
in the computer environment. In addition, the adaptation to the face shape is calculated.
digitally and can be seen on the computer. And the teeth are designed digitally in an ideal

In cases where tooth deficiencies are found, planned implant procedures and other surgical
procedures deemed necessary are applied. The shape of the lips is also critical to consider
during all these gingival and dental applications.  

Teeth whitening        

In teeth whitening, patients should choose the most ideal and effective method for their teeth
in consultation with their dentists. Those who want to whiten their teeth can also benefit from
simple procedures that can be applied at home for teeth whitening. However, professional
techniques used by dentists are much more effective.

There are various criteria for determining which techniques will be applied to whom. These
are as follows;

● The type, severity, and prevalence of the discoloration of the teeth
● Age of the patient with the cost of the treatment
● Previous treatments applied to your teeth
● The cost of the treatment

Teeth whitening can take a long time for some people. However, with the coordinated
combined application of more than one technique, the desired whiteness can be achieved
gradually. To use professional practices, especially in patients with a recession in the gums,
deterioration of the tooth structure or damage to the oral structures is critical.

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