After neurosurgery and eye surgery, a microscope is an auxiliary method used in dentistry. This method can be used in every field of dentistry. Microscopic dentistry enables dentists to examine the teeth to be treated in detail with the help of a microscope during the treatment and not to miss even the tiniest point. The microscope helps to increase the success of treatment in dentistry by strengthening the vision and carrying it into detail.

Microscopic dentistry stands out as both a new and alternative treatment method. This method has increased the success achieved in dentistry. This success rate has also brought about an increase in the satisfaction of the patients. In this article, we will share with you all you need to know about the subject.

How Does It Work?  

Microscopic dentistry is the detailed examination of the teeth to be treated with a special microscope. The most important difference from standard dentistry is that it enables the microscope to reach the smallest detail. Thus, even the tiniest details can be seen.

After the dental examination, reports are prepared, the diagnosis is made, and it is time for a microscopic examination. The microscope to be used for the patient is organized. The treatment process is completed by the dentist through the active use of the microscope.

Microscopic Dentistry In Preventive Care   

The importance of maximal augmentation for dentistry is also recognized when performing root canals, treating periodontal disease, and even performing surgical procedures. Even the tiniest signs of tooth decay or injury can be followed up with microscopic dentistry. At the same time, treatments are generally more effective. A surgical dental microscope can reveal invaluable information during initial examinations. Moreover, the situation further increases the permanence of preventive care.

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Gentle Root Canals In Modern Dentistry    

One of the meaningful requirements for treating an infected root canal is to eliminate residual symptoms. For this, you need to remove any remaining infection and bacteria before filling the space with a strong and flexible material.

With its high magnification abilities, microscopic dentistry helps the dentist effectively clean the root canal and protect the tooth from future decay or infection. However, as with any treatment, we recommend maintaining a good dental hygiene routine, using twice-daily brushing and flossing.

Making Your Appointment   

After microscopic dentistry treatment, the satisfaction rate of the patient increases. At the same time, it is observed that successful results have been achieved in terms of treatment. For patients, consideration should be given to other applications of dentistry, depending on the purpose of the treatment.

It is critical to follow the doctor’s recommendations for dental and oral health. Microscopic dentistry also includes the preparatory phase of the treatment. For this reason, it is necessary to decide with the dentist after the treatment. You can contact us by making an appointment with Eray Sahinsev Dental Clinic for treatment and find the solution to your dental problems.

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