Digital dentistry is a system that allows the design and production of procedures performed with traditional methods in dentistry with computer support. Thanks to a special camera that can easily take images from the mouth, the footage of the tooth to be restored is taken digitally and transferred to the computer environment. Thus, there is no need for procedures that reduce patient comfort, such as nausea and allergies during measurement. So, what is digital dentistry process like, and what are the benefits? In this article, we will discuss those who are curious about the subject.

Types of digital dentistry technology

The effectiveness and importance of digital equipment in every field of dentistry are increasing day by day. These pieces of equipment create modern alternatives to traditional dental treatments.

Digital technologies in dentistry are as follows:

With digital methods, consultations between patients and physicians can also take place faster and in more detail than ever before. In addition, more sensitive restorations and advanced diagnostic methods increase the quality of treatment.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

There are many advantages of getting support from computer technology instead of traditional methods in dentistry. The benefits of digital dentistry are as follows:

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What is the process of dental treatment with digital dentistry?

With digital dentistry, the impression taken with the camera during the dental treatment process is transferred to the computer, and the digital restoration design is made with a precision of micron size within 10-15 minutes. Depending on the type of porcelain selected, the three-dimensional printer completes its production in 5 -15 minutes without any human touch. The total duration of the treatment varies according to the number of procedures to be performed. Most treatments are completed within one day, without the need for patients to live with a temporary tooth.

Digital dentistry and smile design

Methods such as personalized smile design, leaf porcelain (porcelain laminated), and full ceramic coatings constitute the main working area of CAD / CAM systems. Since using digital impression technology in such aesthetic applications also contributes to gingival health in the long term, the aesthetic result will be much longer-lasting. After a scan, when no intervention has been made on the teeth, a smile design is built digitally, and how it will look after the treatment begins is planned by the patient and the doctor, taking into account the person’s face form, aesthetic criteria, and the person’s expectations. The treatment process begins in a way that sticks to the plan, and the person quickly regains a new smile.

As Eray Sahinsev Dental Polyclinic, our goal is to serve you with our specialists in Aesthetics and Digital Dentistry. The initial examination is one of the significant sessions where we meet you, and a large part of the treatment plan is formed. We evaluate information about your oral health and create a treatment plan accordingly. For detailed information about our services, you can contact us or visit our website.

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