Also known as Laminates, porcelain veneers are made especially for fractured, deformed teeth to overcome esthetic problems.

They are designed to be cemented on the tooth without the need to make any preparation on the surface.

Veneers are extremely thin, semi-transparent layer, that has very high compatibility. Despite having a very thin structure they are very resistant to breakage and the most similar restoration to tooth texture. Thanks to veneers, loss of tooth structure is minimal.

Veneers can be applied in the following cases:

  • In case of fracture or abrasion
  • To increase tooth length
  • On discolored teeth when whitening is not enough
  • Wide or multiple dental caries in anterior teeth
  • Teeth that have bad shape or form
  • Teeth with big and discolored fillings
  • In the case of crowding
  • To close gaps between teeth (diastema)
  • When the patient is not pleased with his/her tooth shape
  • In the case of congenital structural disorders


    Treatment starts with impression taking. With these impressions, models of teeth are made and veneers are designed on the models. Patient and dentist review the designs on the model, then tooth preparation follows. The time of the process depends on the number of teeth that will be treated. Temporary veneers are cemented on teeth and compatibility checks are made. When everything is reviewed and corrected the real veneers are prepared. Veneers are cemented on teeth with their special cementation process. The patient can continue his/her daily life immediately after treatment, thanks to the high compatibility of veneers.


    Recently veneers are one of the most favored treatments in dentistry. They are one of the most similar restorations to natural tooth structure. They are long lasting thanks to their strength, durability, and resistance to discoloration. They don’t require any preparation to tooth structure. There is a variety of shades so it can be applied to one or multiple teeth and can not be distinguished from natural teeth.


    After the treatment patients can continue with their daily life immediately. Veneers keep their integrity for a long time. It is very important to keep good oral hygiene for long lasting use of veneers.

    Hygiene of Veneers

    Daily oral hygiene routines are very important to keep the veneers bright and shiny as the first day.