Preventive dentistry includes practices aimed at preventing common oral and dental diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis, before they occur. The primary purpose of the dentist checks recommended every six months is to solve these problems before they occur or progress. The most frequently used solution is tooth filling.

Tooth fillings are applied to decayed, broken, or damaged teeth for various reasons. At this point, the importance and process of tooth filling are wondered. As Eray Şahinsev Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, in this article, we will share with you in detail what you need to know about tooth filling.

What are Tooth Fillings? 

A tooth filling is a procedure to restore decayed, broken, or cracked teeth. In the treatment process, the main goal is to fulfil the functions of the teeth that have lost substance. This method applied before the decayed tissue progresses, helps prevent tooth loss completely.

The Importance of Tooth Fillings in Preventing Dental Issues 

A tooth filling is essential for a decayed and damaged tooth to restore its function. Before a tooth filling, the decayed tooth’s tissue is cleaned, then the tooth is filled with a suitable material.

The purpose of a filling is to prevent the decaying tooth from progressing further by closing the gaps. There are several types of filling materials. For those who are looking for a short answer to the question of why a tooth filling is performed, briefly, a tooth filling is the filling of teeth with various materials for teeth that have lost their chewing function, do not look aesthetically pleasing, are cracked, or decayed.

A refill is necessary if the previous filling falls out or wears down. The pulp will inevitably be damaged in the inner part of the tooth, and if it will not heal, filling with root canal treatment is inevitable. The filling process is performed in situations other than caries and fractures in the tooth.

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Benefits of Early Detection and Treatment with Tooth Fillings 

Early diagnosis makes it possible to prevent tooth filling before decay, gum diseases, and bad breath occur. The early intervention of caries that arises, thanks to normal controls, is also necessary. With a small filling, you can extend the life of the tooth and prevent tooth loss. It can also cause an infection at the root tip as the toothache is delayed. With early diagnosis of dental problems, it is possible to prevent the progression of decay.

The Process of Getting Tooth Fillings

A tooth filling procedure takes 30 minutes on average. The dentist first numbs the area to be treated by injecting local anesthesia. The gum and jaw area around the tooth become numb with anesthesia.

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