Root canal treatment is a treatment that helps to repair and save decayed, infected, or broken teeth. In root canal treatment, the tooth nerves are removed from the root canal in the tooth’s pulp chamber, and the inside is cleaned. After this process, the gaps opened in the tooth are filled.

Tooth decay problems should be treated promptly. If not intervened in time, the decay may progress and lead to inflammation of the nerves. It is also necessary to intervene in the inflamed tooth. However, it causes intense and severe toothache. For this reason, it is essential to consult a specialist dentist as soon as dental problems arise. As Eray Sahinsev, we will share information about root canal treatment in this article.

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What is The Root Canal Treatment Process? 

Root canal treatment repairs and saves a severely decayed or infected tooth. During the root canal treatment, nerve and tooth pulp are taken. Then the inner part of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and filled. When the aching tooth is neglected for a long time, the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues, and the tooth is lost.

Tips for Proper Aftercare Following Root Canal Treatment 

The things you should pay attention to after root canal treatment are as follows:

Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Root Canal Treatment  

After the root canal treatment, it is expected that the numbness in the mouth will pass for the transition to eating and drinking. Drowsiness can last long or short, depending on various reasons. Eating and drinking liquid foods can start as soon as the feeling returns after anaesthesia. Generally, it can switch to medium-hard and hard foods within 2-3 days following the root canal treatment.   

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