Your oral health is known to give clues about your overall health. However, it is also known that problems with your mouth can affect the rest of your body. Therefore, having a healthy smile is extremely important not only for your physical appearance but also for your quality of life.

Scientific studies suggest that oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with severe gum disease periodontitis may lead to certain conditions. At this point, oral health and oral care are essential. As Eray Sahinsev, we will share with you what you wonder about oral health and oral care in this article.

Oral Health and Heart Disease: Understanding The Link   

Some studies have revealed that oral and dental health is linked to cardiovascular diseases. Accordingly, gingivitis, tooth loss, and other oral disorders; can cause an increase in coronary artery diseases, arteriosclerosis, and other heart diseases. Therefore, oral health is essential for your entire body and organs. 

The Effects of Poor Oral Health on Diabetes Management 

Diabetes patients have gingivitis due to vascular damage and disorder in the connective tissue structure. However, due to the spread of this inflammation, the loss of bone that supports the tooth causes the teeth to wobble even without decay. Uncontrolled diabetes can adversely affect oral and dental health and organs such as the heart, kidneys, and eyes. Oral and dental problems that can be seen in diabetics are as follows:

Respiratory Infections and Poor Oral Health: What’s the Connection? 

In cases that cause the airway to narrow more than standard dimensions, disorders in the structure of the teeth and jaw can be seen. For example, in people with mouth breathing, Disorders concerning the mouth, teeth, and jaw structure such as a long and narrow face, short upper lip, narrow upper jaw, the gap between the anterior lower and upper teeth, and the lower jaw growing downward and backward are observed.

Mouth breathing has many adverse effects; orthodontic treatment of the disorders in the mouth, teeth, and jaw area is possible at any age.    

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How Poor Oral Health Can Impact the Immune System    

Maintaining oral and dental health is also critical to keeping the immune system strong. We should brush our teeth for 2 minutes thrice daily and change our brush every six months. In addition, it should be our routine to use dental floss, interface brush, toothbrush, and brush our tongue, which is conducive to bacterial attachment. 

Mental Health and Oral Health: Exploring the Relationship

Inadequate oral hygiene causes self-consciousness in social situations for fear of being judged or embarrassed by others. It is common for people with poor oral health to avoid smiling or speaking in public because they feel insecure about their appearance. Good oral health is also critical in terms of self-confidence in society.

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