A good night’s sleep is essential to maintain a balanced life. In addition, proper sleep helps the body maintain mental and physical energy levels and health. However, only some people realise that oral health can play an essential role in your sleep. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can increase the risk of oral diseases, so there is a bidirectional relationship between dental problems and insomnia. In short, insomnia affects oral health.   In this article, we will share with you interesting facts about oral health. 

Increases Risk for Gum Problems 

Having a toothache or pain elsewhere in the mouth is the worst enemy of a good night’s sleep. The most relevant oral health problems that can affect your sleep are chronic ones.

Many studies show that lack of sleep can increase the risk of various diseases and conditions in the body, including the mouth. During sleep, the body produces saliva that helps keep teeth and soft tissues healthy. In addition, chronic lack of sleep causes stress, affecting the immune system and various bodily functions.

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Causes Periodontitis 

Periodontitis is a chronic problem as it is an essential factor in tooth loss and is associated with many systemic diseases. In addition, sleep is a complex biological process critical for maintaining mental and physical health. Also, significant research has shown that the amount of sleep you get is directly related to the onset of periodontitis.

Inflamed and infected gums are often the first signs of periodontitis. Eventually, the bones that support the area weaken, causing tooth loss.

Causes Dry Mouth 

A dry mouth can disrupt sleep, especially at night, and vice versa. Dry mouth can be challenging to treat, as some cases occur with certain prescription medications, aging, and health conditions. For those with bad sleep habits, dry mouth can be an unexpected problem. A dry mouth causes the gums to dry at night, and the mouth is not protected from bacteria.

Weakens Your Immune System 

Our immune system is constantly working to keep our bodies healthy. Without proper sleep, our defence system may be impaired in terms of functioning. As mentioned, our immune system produces antibodies to fight infection and other harmful pathogens.

In addition, the immune system is vital in protecting health, preventing many acute and chronic diseases, and healing wounds. The immune system and sleep, which are in a bidirectional relationship, are greatly affected by each other. Infections, conditions, and related symptoms that develop in the body can disrupt sleep patterns. Insufficient or irregular sleep also causes the immune system to weaken and the body to become prone to diseases. As a result of this situation, dental problems may also occur.

In short, due to the presence of problems such as sleep problems, the immune system cannot healthily perform its duty and weakens. 

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