Fractures, deep caries or sometimes faulty treatments such as bad fillings can cause the nerve and vessel bundle of the tooth to undergo necrosis. Cleaning and disinfecting that necrotic pulp and filling the root canals with root canal filling materials is called a root canal treatment.
Root canal treatment is needed when,

  • The caries reach the pulp chamber,
  • Fractures including the pulp chamber,
  • The tooth becomes necrotic due to orthodontic treatment,
  • Progressive gingival disease is present,
  • Sensitivity as a result of abrasion needs to be overcome,
  • The trauma resulting from high fillings or crowns, cause necrosis in the pulp tissue.


If the dentist suspects a need for root canal treatment, the first thing to be done is to take an x-ray and determining the severity of caries or trauma. Before starting the root canal treatment, anesthesia is needed in order to avoid pain. Caries is cleaned or if there is a fracture the broken piece is removed, thus reaching the pulp chamber.

After cleaning out the pulpal tissue, the roots are shaped. Depending on the severity of the situation, one or multiple appointments can be necessary. In between appointments, a therapeutic material is placed into the root canals. At the last appointment, root canals are filled with permanent materials up to the apex of the root.


    The most important advantage of root canal treatment is that you get to keep your tooth. Thanks to this treatment, a tooth with severe problems can be saved and is able to function for years.

    Because infection is prevented, the patient will be pain-free. In addition, tooth loss is avoided and esthetic appearance is preserved.

    After Root Canal Treatment

    The treated tooth must be well taken care of. No food must be consumed before the anesthesia loses its effect. Oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing should be continued once the anesthesia wears off. Besides the instructions of the dentist must be followed. Prescribed medication must be taken properly, if there is any. This way healing period is completed without a problem.