Dentist phobia involves psychologically irrational emotions such as fear, disgust, or dislike of going to the dentist. The noise that occurs while working in the mouth, keeping your mouth open all the time, and the phobia of needles form the basis of these feelings. However, we should know that we cannot always do the things in the way we like in our lives; we should be aware that there is a possibility of going to a dentist one day, and we should prepare ourselves accordingly.

We should not think that a bad experience in the past will necessarily repeat itself. But some people imagine the moments they will supposedly live before they even go to the dentist. As Eray Sahinsev, we will share what you wonder about dentist phobia in this article.

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Creating a Stress-Free Dental Environment for Anxious Patients

Dentist phobia is a condition that should not be taken lightly. While this phobia is mild in some people, it can be much more severe in others. To overcome the phobia, you can first determine what frightens you. In addition, doctors should pay attention to the elements that may disturb the patient in the examination environment to reduce anxiety.

The factors that cause this phobia in patients may vary. For example, while some patients have an aversion to the examination table used in dentistry, others have a phobia of sound-operated medical instruments. At the same time, it can be stressed that there will be bleeding, the dentist’s hand will slip during the treatment, and severe pain may occur during or after the treatment. 

The Psychological Impact of a Comfortable Clinical Environment on Dental Patients 

Dentists’ approach towards their patients can create dentist phobia or trigger an existing phobia. However, the dentist’s caring and understanding approach to the patient, not rushing to the point of starting the treatment when there are patients who are afraid of the treatment, answering all the questions of the patient in detail, in short, having a more caring attitude relieves the patients to a great extent. For this reason, it is known that dentists’ attitudes and behaviors are critical in terms of dentist phobia.

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