Creating Unique Smiles Since 2007

Eray Sahinsev Dental Clinic is located in Kadikoy Istanbul practicing dentistry in all scopes since 2007. The clinic, which meets the global dental health standards, is serving for dental health tourism with its experienced and specialized dentists. The work of our highly competent doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of the latest equipment and technologies ensures that each patient is treated with the best methods.

Our services focus on high-end implantology (including immediate loading procedures), aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, dental veneers, CEREC and digital dentistry, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, gum treatment, hygienist services and wisdom tooth removal.

The clinic was established in order to meet patient requirements and demands, to diagnose and treat mouth and dental health problems and to provide quality service to patients by following sectoral developments in the world and local level. For a sustainable quality, the clinic invests on technology, training and the clinic team.

Eray Sahinsev dental clinic has internal and external audits periodically in order to sustain the quality. In the clinic which has the most technological equipment in the field of oral and dental health, treatments are performed in a sterilized and disinfected environment with quality and best materials. Our experienced dentists diagnose and treat fast and meticulously. Each process of the dental treatment is tracked by the related dental specialist and the patient is informed in each step.

Eray Sahinsev Dental Clinic provides high quality specialized dental care to our patients in a supportive, comfortable and welcoming environment with qualified and dedicated staff. The patients’ rights and satisfaction is our priority in the treatment process.

Coming from miles away, the patients has healthy and esthetic smiles.


Our vision is to provide our patients innovative, specialized, and high quality unique dental experience in a high technology, safe and comfortable environment. The clinic aims to continuosly serve our local and international patients distinguished with high quality in oral and dental health. Our clinic dentists are continuosly educated with the latest improvements in dental health in order to provide the best patient experience in all aspects at global scale.


For us, every individual has the right to have a healthy and esthetic smile and dental structure. Our mission is to provide a high-end service and treatment to our patients by using the latest technology and best quality materials and devices in a sterile, safe and comfortable environment.


All the clinic staff is highly giving importance to the sterilization and disinfection rules in order to control the infections and minimize the infection risks.

It is known that solely heating or pressure is not sufficient for a sterilization process in the dental field. Heat and pressure should be applied simultaneously. Many health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends the usage of autoclaves for sterilization.

Eray Sahinsev Clinic strictly adheres to the sterilization and hygiene standards which are accepted worldwide. The process of sterilization is controlled and monitored both internally and externally.


In our clinic, where the most advanced methods of sterilization and disinfection are used for your health and safety, the following precautions are also prioritized:

  • All the patients use galoshes for their shoes.
  • Hands are disinfected before and after each patient.
  • Disposable gloves are used for each patient.
  • Disposable face masks are used for the prevention of movement of viruses and bacteria.
  • All the metal instruments used for treatments are cleaned and soaked into disinfectant for a day. After this process, they are washed with water, packaged and sealed, and then sterilized in the autoclave with pressurized steam and high temperature. The sterilized instruments are stored in the sterilized wraps for the next usage.
  • Dental drills which are used in a mouth is soaked into disinfection fluid after each treatment.
  • All the surfaces which have the possibility to be contaminated such as curing lights, dental chairs, air-water syringe etc. are completely cleaned with disinfectant solutions meticulously.
  • Disposable materials are preferred where it is possible in order to prevent cross infection. All the disposable plastic glasses, dental saliva ejectors, patient covers, gloves, anesthesia injectors are immediately disposed as medical waste after each usage.



Sustainability concept is built on the importance of individual based treatment, efficiency and high quality service. The services for our patients are based of this concept. The treatments and services are aimed to be longlasting, stable and beneficial for the patient in order to have a sustainable quality. As well as all the treatments are socially and individually beneficial, they are also environmentally beneficial. The goal of the sustainable services is to provide reliable and preferred healthcare services in the future as well as present by producing useful resources and providing continuous improvement.


Eray Sahinsev Clinic aims to have a role in increasing the effectiveness of non-governmental organizations by supporting them in different manners with the sense of corporate social responsibility. Since we think that many items in social responsibility such as environment, education and health is a part of corporate culture, we participate actively for fulfilling our social responsibility tasks. We build strategies for activities based on social, environmental and ethic values, we take on responsibilities with our team and we try to provide solutions on a voluntary basis to the social issues. Our clinic aims to have a leading role in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a local and global base.


Eray Sahinsev Clinic is acting with the respect of human, society respect and environment in order to leave a habitable world to the future generations. These activities are planned with the concept of preventive approach, risk-based thinking, innovative and creative approach in the context of the Environmental Management System.

We practice dentistry in compliance with national and international environmental laws and regulations. One of our priorities is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities with every team member.

We care for

  • Protection of local and global resources
  • Minimization the energy consumption in our activities
  • Utilisation of resources efficiently
  • Utilisation of the material efficiently
  • Minimization of waste cooperating with the Ministry of
  • Environment
  • Continuous improvement of the staff for the environmental awareness
    Utilisation of the technology that is environmental friendly
    Infection control which includes the utilisation of single-use materials


Eray Şahinsev Dental Clinic has a Human Resources policy based on openness, equity and engagement where the employees are empowered for the operations in the dental practice. The clinic aims to provide employees a working environment of continuous improvement, coaching, employee satisfaction and mutual trust. In this context, discovering, improving and retaining talents is one of our main focus. We meanwhile intend to be one of the most admired clinics that professionals would like to work.

The clinic plans to maximize its success in the oral health field with its growing team thanks to the mentioned policies. We keep in mind that employee motivation, teamwork and empowerment are essential in human-centered businesses.

The Principles of Our Human Resources Policy are;

  • Maintaining the Open-Door policy,
  • Providing engagement of the employees by a fair and participative management policy,
  • Acting in compliance with the quality standards and occupational health and safety policies,
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating the training programmes for the employees,
  • Providing effective recruitment policies in order to gain talents,
  • Following new trends and adapt them,
  • Structuring a learning organization model,
    Providing solution-based approach,
    Enhancing teamwork,
    Improving employee competencies,
    Acting for corporate social responsibility projects and promoting them,
    Studying for an employee profile who is respectful to nature.


Eray Sahinsev clinic provides a safe environment for both our patients and our dental team. Any risks that will interfere with this safe environment will be immediately prevented.

Occupational health and safety training is scheduled for our employees in order to increase awareness of the issue. The clinic is audited periodically by the OHS experts authorized by the government. We regularly submit reports to OHS experts and act in accordance with the related regulations regarding OHS.