People have started to travel to other countries for different purposes besides sightseeing with the increase of cooperation between the countries as well as the ease of transportation. One of these purposes is health and this revealed a new concept which is called Health Tourism. Patients travel abroad in order to be treated in a more qualified health center or have the treatment more economically with similar quality.

Turkey has become a favorite country in health services when investments to private health services are prioritized as well as public health services after the ’90s. Turkey has rapidly gained a reputation in providing high-quality medical services in many fields such as dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, etc. Turkey is one of the most accessible countries around the world for a patient-centered approach with thousands of highly educated and experienced medical doctors and surgeons.

    Regulation of International Health Tourism and Tourist Health In Turkey

    The Turkish government brought in the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist Health in 2017. This law sets out minimum service delivery standards for medical tourism and rules on the authorization and supervision of healthcare organizations and intermediaries in medical tourism. The law requires healthcare providers and medical travel agencies to obtain international health tourism authorization certificates to operate in Turkey where Eray Sahinsev Clinic meets the requirements and has acquired this certificate.