Eray Şahinsev Clinic is aiming to be one of the most preferred dental clinics in Turkey and performing accordingly. Our clinic has acquired the Certificate of Authorization for Medical Tourism from the Turkish Ministry of Health as one of only a few dental policlinics in Turkey.

Eray Sahinsev Clinic is serving medical tourists with its high standards and specialized dental team. The advanced technology devices, digital dentistry, experienced dentists, patient oriented team and easiness in transportation causes many medical tourists to select Sahinsev clinic as a medical partner.

Sahinsev Clinic serves patients by the latest trends and methods in dental sector while accurate diagnosing and treatment is our priority as well as the patient preferences. Our clinic is audited internally and externally in certain periods in order to assure reliable and high quality standards.

Our basic principle is serving qualified treatment in the shortest time regarding patient rights, privacy and satisfaction.

Our patients are treated in a comfortable and sterilized environment with high quality equipment and disposables in a customized and result oriented manner. Our experienced dentists work quickly and meticulously beginning from the diagnose stage till the end of treatment. All specialties of dental treatments are available in our clinic including digital dentistry, implant treatments, veneers, full ceramic and zirkonia crowns, root canal treatments, etc. You dentist diagnoses the requirements and plans the treatment process with you accordingly. Sahinsev Clinic provides services in a satisfaction base where patients can be retreated in case of having any uncomfortable situations.

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    Before coming to Turkey, the patients can share their panoramic X-Ray images with us. The X-rays and related documents shared by the patient are examined by our specialized dentists and the possible treatments with the time planning is presented to the patient. Treatments with the medical tourists are planned in detail with the minimum time period possible. The details of the treatment steps and pricing are presented via e-mail or telephone according to the patient’s preferences.