Digital smile design is a holistic dental treatment in its most general definition. This holistic treatment, which includes the smile line of the patients and is applied to obtain a more aesthetically beautiful smile, has many different treatment procedures depending on the patient’s needs. Therefore, a wide range of treatment options is being evaluated, from root canal treatment to aesthetic filling procedures, from implant applications to treatments applied to the gums. Thus, the patient gains a more beautiful smile. In this article, we will share with you what you need to know about digital smile design.

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The Science Behind Digital Smile Design 

First of all, it should be noted that the same procedure cannot be preferred for every patient due to the specific application of the treatment. In some patients, teeth whitening may be optional within the scope of digital smile design. In some patients, there may not be a need for an intervention on the gums. Before starting the procedure, a comprehensive oral and dental examination must be done.

Digital Smile Design and the Future of Cosmetic Dentistry 

Digital smile design is a technique that dentists apply to each patient in a computer environment and provides aesthetic and functional treatment planning with the help of digital technology. Digital smile is prepared using digital design software. With this software, the person’s tooth structure and facial proportions are analyzed in depth with all the details. Digital smile design is made specifically for each patient because the perfect smile rate will differ for each individual.

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