Dental diseases and diseases of the gums are serious, critical diseases that make life difficult.
These types of diseases are common problems that occur frequently, are very often delayed, and have a progressive course. Turkey provides simple dental treatment for its citizens with its success in educating dentists. In addition, the country hosts many guests from abroad for dental treatment. The number of people coming to our country for dental treatment from abroad has increased considerably recently. So this has enabled us to become one of the most preferred countries in this field of health. There are many main reasons for this. So, what are the standards, and why is it advantageous dental treatment in Turkey? In this article, we will discuss those who are curious about the subject.

An ideal location for a dental vacation

While people who come to have teeth in Turkey prefer procedures such as coating and teeth whitening, which are dental aesthetic treatments, implant treatments are one of the most popular reasons for health migration. Patients who receive most of these treatments because they consider them more affordable than the alternatives in their own countries apply to our country intensively for dental diseases.

In addition, successful and long-lasting dental treatments and easy availability of quality materials are significant in the industrialization of this field. The fact that the education system in the medical and dental sector in Turkey is practice-oriented ensures that the handwork of trained physicians is reasonable and experienced. Therefore, in many countries, people come to our country for dental diseases due to the trust placed in experienced physicians with proper handwork. Many dental treatments are handcrafted procedures that give excellent results with the experience and skill of the doctor.

Facilities and standards

People who come to have dental treatment in Turkey first of all at want to reach this treatment. During their stay in Turkey, they will need to have a short-term treatment so as not to cause any problems since they will have costs such as accommodation and similar expenses apart from the treatment. They will need to feel comfortable about this treatment when they go to their country after being treated here. The treatment that people receive is financially affordable, and it gives an international guarantee.

Popular Treatment

Popular dental treatments in Turkey are as follows:

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How can we help?

Eray Şahinsev Clinic is aiming to be one of the most preferred dental clinics in Turkey and performing accordingly. Our clinic has acquired the Certificate of Authorization for Medical Tourism from the Turkish Ministry of Health as one of only a few dental policlinics in Turkey.

Eray Sahinsev Clinic is serving medical tourists with its high standards and specialized dental team. The advanced technology devices, digital dentistry, experienced dentists, patient-oriented team, and easiness of transportation cause many medical tourists to select Sahinsev clinic as a medical partner.

Sahinsev Clinic serves patients with the latest trends and methods in the dental sector while accurate diagnosing and treatment are our priority, the patient preferences. Our clinic is audited internally and externally during periods to assure reliable and high-quality standards.

As Eray Sahinsev Dental Polyclinic, our goal is to serve you with our specialists in Aesthetics and Digital Dentistry. The initial examination is one of the significant sessions where we meet you, and a large part of the treatment plan is formed. We evaluate information about your oral health and create a treatment plan accordingly. For detailed information about our services, you can contact us or visit our website.

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