Cosmetic dentistry has become popular over the years as it offers people a way to improve their smiles. It is the field of dentistry that allows the individual to have an aesthetically impressive tooth and jaw structure as well as be healthy. In this treatment method, apart from different techniques, technology is frequently used.

The aesthetic image aimed in this area is determined according to the physical and social characteristics of the individual. After evaluating the mouth, jaw, and face structure of the person who wants to have aesthetic teeth, the natural and ideal image is designed in the computer environment. So, what are aesthetic dentistry procedures? In this article, we will share with you what is curious about the subject. 

Porcelain veneers or crowns for gaps in teeth

Porcelain veneer application is an application that offers an aesthetic appearance, unlike other treatment applications. It is the preferred application for people who have caries and fractures in their teeth and those who have worn teeth due to age and various reasons. In addition, it gives a natural smile to individuals who have structural defects in their teeth and are afraid to smile.

Dental implants for missing teeth  

Dental implants are one of the most common tooth replacement methods. Dental implants are a reliable type of tooth replacement that looks and feel like a natural tooth. These implants offer a permanent solution if a single tooth or multiple teeth need to be replaced in different areas. Dental implants are long-lasting when looked clean. A dental implant may seem like a complex operation to you, but in one day in our clinic, it is possible to have a painless treatment with the implant and the tooth on the same day.

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Fixes for tooth decay and yellow teeth

The treatment process that can be applied for tooth decay begins in line with the opinions of the dentist. In addition, whitening can be applied to yellow teeth.

The whitening process is done in a single session, but the session can be repeated if necessary.
For this purpose, the gums are isolated, and a whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Diode laser devices that start the gel with the heat they give can be used for whitening. Even more reliably, hard tissue (Er: YAG) laser devices provide safe whitening without any heat to the tooth.

Book a cosmetic consultation   

Our cosmetic dentists apply clinically appropriate methods. Cosmetic dentists help people have a much more beautiful smile with various methods. Significantly, these processes are carried out in a hygienic environment. Cosmetic dentists design teeth suitable for the patient’s face by evaluating existing teeth, gums, and jaw structures. You can contact us to benefit from our cosmetic dentistry services.

As Eray Sahinsev Dental Polyclinic, our goal is to serve you with our specialists in Aesthetics and Digital Dentistry. The initial examination is one of the significant sessions where we meet you, and a large part of the treatment plan is formed. We evaluate information about your oral health and create a treatment plan accordingly. You can contact us or visit our website for detailed information about our services.

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