All Ceramic Crowns

What is a Full Ceramic Crown?

All ceramic crowns Turkey.Full ceramic crowns are used to restore teeth that have a major loss of structure, deep caries or fractures that leave the tooth unsupported. Strengthened ceramic supported crowns or crowns made entirely out of strengthened ceramic are considered to be most esthetic and advanced crowns.

Ceramic crowns which are used in cases including malocclusion or problems resulting in faulty chewing force, transparent to light just like natural teeth because they don’t contain metal. Full ceramic crowns hold onto teeth stronger because they bond with the teeth chemically with a resin cement and mechanically they are far more adapted to teeth. Full ceramic crowns keep their high esthetics even if gum recession occurs because there will be no metal showing. 

Reasons for full ceramic crowns:

  • Bad looking teeth
  • Difference in gum levels
  • Old metal supported porcelain crowns
  • Fractured teeth or abrasion
  • Composite filling which falls frequently

Besides these, strengthening of tooth structure, smile design arrangements and problems caused by malnutrition can also be listed among reasons for full ceramic crowns.


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    How is It Made?

    Full ceramic crowns are applicable for anterior teeth where aesthetics play a big role, single e-max crowns or bridges with only 1 tooth missing in the middle, for teeth with too much structural loss for veneers, posterior teeth when there is a single crown needed or bridges when there is only one tooth missing. 

    1. Every step of the treatment is planned by experienced dentists. 
    2. Before treatment teeth are examined and x-rays are taken.
    3. If there is caries, fillings are done.
    4. Preparation of teeth and impression taking follow. 
    5. Temporary crowns are made for trial. Based on the trial results, the evaluation is made with the patient. 
    6. After a successful trial ceramic crown procedure begins. 
    7. If there is no tooth to support the ceramic crown, implants are used to create support.

    Advantages of Full Ceramic Crowns

    Most important advantage of full ceramic crowns is to restore the lost tooth structure. Also;

    • Strong barrier to hot-cold stimuli
    • Bonding with tooth is strong
    • Biocompatible thanks to its metal-free structure
    • Non-allergenic
    • Closest to natural tooth in terms of esthetics hence assuring a beautiful smile
    • Minimal preparation on tooth 


    After Full Ceramic Crowns

    Shortly after treatment patient can get back to his/her daily routine. After a 2-day period, ceramic crowns can be used comfortably without any problems. Post operative period is very comfortable thanks to easy adaptation to daily life and reduction of sensitivity. 

    Hygiene of Full Ceramic Crowns

    Instructions of dentist must be followed. After getting back to regular daily life, routine oral hygiene procedures must be continued. This way full ceramic crowns can be used for many years.

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