Tooth colour transformation is the discoloration of the teeth and the consequent remarkable colour difference seen in the teeth. When people reach a certain age, their teeth colour may fade depending on the foods, beverages they consume daily, and habits such as smoking. In addition, tooth discoloration is observed due to internal factors that indicate health problems. Meanwhile, there are five main reasons behind tooth discoloration. In this article, we will share with you what is curious about 5 reasons behind the colour change in your teeth

Your Eating Habits

A proper diet is as essential for physical and mental health as it is for dental health. We also need to eat regularly to protect our dental health and prevent tooth discoloration. You should also remember to drink water after meals or after a quick snack. We should take care to consume fruit by biting as much as possible. Also, you should brush your teeth after meals. Furthermore, you should eat at intervals of two hours and take care not to eat in the evening.

Your Smoking Habits

Tar accumulation occurs in the mouth of smokers. The tar accumulated on the teeth causes discoloration on the teeth. These colorations, which are in dark-brown tones, also cause an aesthetically imperfect appearance. And this is one of the harmful effects of smoking.

Your Genetic Makeup

To better understand the effect of genetic structure with the example of skin colour is possible. It can be dark, brown, and white-skinned, or the teeth can be whiter or yellower, depending on the genetic structure.

If you are uncomfortable with your tooth discoloration, you should first seek help from your dentist to diagnose it. Problems can also be solved with the treatment to be applied depending on your tooth’s discoloration.

Your Age

Just as some deformations occur in the person’s body as age progresses, conditions such as yellowing, abrasion, or gingival recession may occur in the teeth. With aging, the dentin layer of the tooth begins to turn yellow, and the glazing layer of the tooth becomes thinner and more transparent.

The thinning of the enamel layer causes the colour of the inner part of the tooth to become more evident. When external factors are added to aging, colour changes in teeth can be much more disturbing.

Your Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is the process of purifying the areas in the mouth where microbes regularly occur. The foods we eat and the drinks we drink cause plaque formation. Plaque formation is when microbes surround the tooth.

You can prevent discoloration of your teeth with regular oral care. Toothpaste, toothbrush, and brushing style are significant to ensure oral hygiene. You can also support your oral hygiene by using dental floss and prevent bad breath caused by residues.

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