Careers in quality assurance offer stability, an impressive salary, and plenty of opportunities for career advancement. As their title suggests, a QA automation engineer’s job description includes designing, developing, and maintaining automated testing frameworks and scripts. They have to work closely with other members of the QA team to ensure comprehensive test coverage, as they only focus on automated testing. The most common  QA engineer requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, and at least one year of experience in software development or testing. However, QA engineer education requirements can be flexible from company to company.

questions for qa engineer

Explain how your approach has helped improve the quality of the product and how it can help prevent similar issues in the future. Automation testing is a key component of many QA processes, as it can significantly reduce questions for qa engineer the amount of time and effort needed to test software. The interviewer wants to know how familiar you are with this concept and how you would use automation testing to improve the efficiency of QA processes.

How to find candidates with strong attention to detail

It undoubtedly highlights any missing requirements and/or discrepancies in the documentation. Severity is a characteristic that is precisely defined as it is based on how the issue affects the end users. If the end user will be able to normally interact with the application and the normal use of the application is not obstructed, then the severity is low. But if the end user encounters application crashes or similar problems while using the application, the severity increases to high. The goal of SQC is to perform testing activities on the final product to validate that the product that was developed is in accordance with the needs and expectations of the customer. A lot of interviewers ask this question – how did you hear about this position?

questions for qa engineer

That means that it is important to be the right kind of candidate and select a project where you grew professionally. Especially when interviewing for a QA lead job, you’ll need to display your variety of knowledge. Verification and validation both fall into the “quality control” category, but there are four widely regarded methods in use today. Tailoring your answer to the specific company for this kind of question is crucial. If you are applying for a QA job at a security software company, the answer will be very different than if you are applying to QA for a medical device company. Another aspect of interviews will always be “what if” or hypothetical questions.

Explain what is Bug triage?

Software testing generally employs Defect Triage, commonly referred to as Bug Triage. The severity of a problem is determined by how it affects the application being tested. Sometimes, as project managers or project leads, we may have to cancel testing to launch the product sooner. In those circumstances, we must determine whether the product has received sufficient testing from the testers. The cause-effect graph is an inclusion of a black box testing technique that identifies the fewest test cases that can adequately test the full scope of the product, Based on a set of criteria. It also highlights the connection between a particular result and the elements influencing the outcome.

Incorporating continuous testing is just one of many cards in the mental roll-o-dex of a modern QA tester. Don’t start off with… “I think this is where I want to be.” You’ll never get hired that way. I myself wasn’t sure I was going to stay in QA, but here I am—15 years later and I’m still in this field. You never know what the future holds, so be confident and give this field a shot since you never know what can happen once you’re in it.

What tools and technologies do you use for quality assurance?

These types of queries will always have you draw upon that knowledge base you have to answer the question in a way the interviewer finds satisfactory. Though automation is key, manual testing remains a necessary part of the process, too. Draw upon your previous experience or review things like implementing QA in a CI/CD pipeline to best prepare yourself.

questions for qa engineer

A quality assurance engineer, also known as QA engineers, are niche engineers that track the process of a product’s creation from the very beginning to the very end. They typically manage production and test every part of a product to ensure it meets company standards before moving on to the next step in the manufacturing processes. The following is a list of QA engineer interview questions and answers that hiring managers can use to properly interview potential QA engineers. It’s important to prepare for an interview in order to improve your chances of getting the job. Researching questions beforehand can help you give better answers during the interview.

questions for qa engineer

Keep in mind that the specific tasks you’ll find in a QA engineer job description will vary depending on the employer and position on the team. A QA automation engineer should choose a cost-effective and result-oriented test automation strategy as it ensures maximum success. Such a strategy ensures that the business is t par with the market and the software development team does not fail. However, the QA automation engineer should be conversant with the test automation life cycle and feasibility analysis. The main reason we conduct automation tests is to discover bugs and issues that need immediate attention. Quality assurance engineers must have strong communication and collaboration skills to ensure that the software they are testing is up to the highest standards.

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